Simple transfers from point A to point B.

Quick and safe transfer service for up to 8 people to any destination on island Hvar.


Cruise the old road from Hvar to Jelsa, and enjoy lavander fields, old villages, stunning views and pure nature.

Taking the old road that connects Hvar and Stari Grad, you will see villages Brusje, Velo Grabje and Selca.

Next, we descend to Stari Grad, the first colony on Hvar island, then we go to Vrboska, also known as little Venice, and we finish our trip in Jelsa.

Throughout the whole cruise you will enjoy beautiful scenery, lavander fields and stunning views.

*Routes are not fixed and can be changed to suit your needs and wishes

Wine glass inconWINE TASTING

Taste some of Hvar's best wines.

Visit Tomić winery in Jelsa, where you can enjoy one of the best wines our island has to offer.

Dosen't matter do you prefer black wine, white wine or rose, Tomić wines will leave you with a smile on your face and amazing taste in your mouth.

*Wine tasting can be included in island cruise trip